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News 1

Content Means Business is delighted to be launching at the end of 2017.

It's December, 2017. We have to be honest and say that, at the time of writing, snow isn't glistening in the lane. But in spite of the lack of festive special effects, we couldn't be any more excited! Content Means Business is a new service from a team of highly experienced writers and strategists. Above all, we're story tellers. And the story that's already unfolding for 2018 is one of great opportunities to work with fantastic clients. We shouldn't be wishing our lives away, but roll on January!!

News 2

Content Means Business on Linkedin.

We cordially invite all our Linkedin contacts to look out for a series of updates on our progress with Content Means Business. In the spirit of our mission - to make sure that all content really does mean business - we will only be sharing information, comment and insights that we trust will help you tell better stories. And do let us know if you agree. Even more importantly, let us know if you don't!



News 3

Content Means Business is set to grow our team.

In the New Year, look out for announcements about a number of distinguished practitioners who will be joining the Content Means Business team. From knowledge management specialists to branding authorities by way of communication planning and channel experts, we're building a network of diverse yet complementary skills with a single mission: helping to make sure your content means business.