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Banishing Boredom From Business Communication
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Banishing Boredom From Business Communication


Welcome to Content Means Business

What is ‘Content’?
‘Content’ is every form of business communication you create. It’s the information you produce about your services and products. It’s what’s on your website and your social media. It’s the bedrock of your email campaigns. It’s your white papers and infographics. It’s the heart of your marketing and the soul of your sales operation. If it isn’t today, we can make it into all those things tomorrow.

Why do we exist?
Recognise the symptoms? Words you don’t want to read? Thoughts you’ve already heard? ‘Messages’ without any message? We’re here to change all that. We’re banishing boredom from business communication. That’s what we do. Successfully. For great clients.

What do we believe?
Content needs to hit the right people, right between the eyes. That’s the tough part. Get it right and your audience’s reaction will make it the rewarding part too. Right message + right audience + right medium = lasting impact: that’s as close to formulaic as we ever get.

What is our mission?
To transform business communication: from ‘me too’ to ‘look at me and only me’. We don’t rest until every piece of work is a perfectly balanced and highly adapted tool. One that’s exactly right for its function: growing our client’s profile, impact and business, wherever they need to grow.  

What is our vision?
A world with absolutely no drop in quality, between B2C and B2B. Where boredom is banished, for good. And where ‘content’ is transformed, into powerfully persuasive communication.

Are you a CMO, Marketer or Product and Service Specialist? Do you know your content needs to be stronger tomorrow than it is today? Do you believe it can be? If you won’t settle for less than the very best, Get in Touch. 




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The art of communication begins with the art of conversation. We are big believers in the old observation 'two ears, one mouth'. As a result, we try to listen twice as much as we talk, getting to know you, your situation, and your aspirations for your brand and its effective communication. When we think we have something worthwhile to say, we'll play back our understanding and get to work on surprising and delighting you. But first, let's chat.

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